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Italy furniture makers of Gimo Group are, today, among the most excellent producers of contemporary furniture in the international panorama of design.

Companies born as a reality suited to the classic style have been able to reinvent their proposal to satisfy an increasingly demanding market and increasingly oriented towards design furniture choices.

The excellence of the craftsmanship has been the vehicle for the transition from the classic to the contemporary style, showing how knowledge is the characteristic that permitted to italian luxury furniture manufacturers to reinvent the production, always maintaining a high level of quality.

Entrepreneurs of the italian furniture manufacturers list of Gimo Group propose new collections without changing the type of process which requires the maximum attention and care to each piece, according to the artisan craftsmanship of the classic style.

Although contemporary style demands essential lines and great cleanliness, in the area of luxury furniture every element is made strictly by hand, by skilled craftsmen at every stage of the work, whether they are ebanists, decorators, upholsters.

The artisanal ability of italian furniture manufacturer collected in Gimo Group , that in the classic style expressed itself for the excellence of the workmanship, the application of the gold leaf inlay, in the production of contemporary products, focuses on the choice of materials and on matching them making original shapes and more angular lines. Read more