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Gimo means group of furniture manufacturers Italian furniture brands.

The group is the direct expression of companies among the best Italian furniture companies in the Made in Italy furniture business.

Manufacturing companies that were born from the artisan mastery of their founders and that express a capacity that is handed down from generation to generation, have come together to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive international market to offer, through a single interlocutor, the best of the Tuscan production best Italian furniture makers. Read more

Luxury italian furniture brands

Over 40 years of professional experience

Gimo group is not a trade company, but a consortium of 12 companies luxury furniture company that have chosen to associate under a common brand, to effectively address foreign markets, believing in the principle that there is strength in numbers. Read more

The 12 member companies of Gimo group offer furniture of different styles and personalities for the whole house and for all the houses. Their collections are entirely produced in Italy, with accurate industrial processes, together with great manual skills. Every piece of furniture, , every detail has a unique value, made of beauty, creativity and skill.


  1. A long experience in furniture production has made Alberto and Mario Ghezzani a company appreciated all over the world for the realization of high-level furnishing products and solutions.

    The realization of each element is carried out with the artisan knowledge that is at the very basis of the company origin. A wisdom that, over time, has made use of the most modern technology without however renouncing to the beauty of finishes and decorations strictly executed by hand.

    A real passion for the artisan realization of furniture that has been handed down for three generations: an added value that guarantees the high quality of the product and a creative freedom that represents the plus for each customer. Read more

  2. Altavilla company was born in the Sixties thanks to the artisan passion of Remo Nicolai and Gianfranco Giusti, who combined their skills in a single entrepreneurial vision.

    The company produces sofas and armchairs in fabric and leather with a clear concept in mind: the respect of the Italian tradition of furniture and of the quality of raw materials. Particular attention is paid to compliance with environmental regulations, to the rights and duties of its employees, to the choice of the characteristics of the raw materials used in the working process to guarantee a completely Italian product.

    Today the company is run by the sons of the two founders: a new generation that has brought the added value of advanced criteria, advanced techniques and methodologies adapted to the new market requirements, without forgetting the solid ethics established from the beginning. Read more

  3. Andrea Fanfani creates antique-style furniture taking inspiration from the most beautiful realizations in the history of European furniture.

    The wisdom of ancient artisan manufacturing techniques has been a company heritage since it was founded by the founder Andrea Fanfani, who trained in Florentine art of carving and decoration in the most important artisan shops in Florence.

    It is in the extraordinary cultural context of the capital of art, in fact, that Andrea Fanfani learns the taste for beauty and the most refined working techniques of classic Italian furniture. Read more

  4. Mauro and Moravio Antonelli, still young, began to work as wood turners in a small workshop during the 1960s, developing their own production identity in the area that extends From Cascina to Pontedera and Pisa.

    This is a territory known for the solid tradition of woodworking and the availability of qualified personnel such as cabinet makers, designers and architects.

    Since its birth, Antonelli M&C has traveled an intense and long journey in the furniture sector, acquiring more and more awareness of its production capacity and reaching its own entrepreneurial professionalism. Read more

  5. When craftsmanship and technology come together in a synergy that enhances aesthetics and strengthens the structure, new creations born to surprise with their beauty and durability. The furniture by Barnini Oseo embodies the charm of the handcrafted work, but at the same time they are the result of that advanced technology that works according to modern ergonomic criteria. Thus innovation and tradition come together to create products of extreme quality. Read more

  6. The story of Original Furniture Vecchia Marina by Caroti is the story of hard-working, tireless hands, fascinated by the warmth of wood and the goal of creating a unique and timeless style.

    A family history, started in 1960 as a small artisan carpentry, where traditions and experiences are handed down from one generation to another with passion and dedication.

    These same values guide the company every day in all phases of work, from design to production, followed directly by the ownership with advanced technological tools to respond effectively and promptly to the modern needs of global and dynamic markets. Read more

  7. Dema was born in 1962 in San Gimignano, in the heart of Tuscany.

    The company goals have been clear from the beginning: to produce sofas with a high technical content, to develop continuous aesthetic research and to put functionality and quality as fundamental values of the company strategy.

    A determination that led Dema to strongly establish itself on the Italian and international high-end upholstery market, with innovative and unpublished proposals. Read more

  8. Ferretti and Ferretti was born in the heart of Tuscany in June 1966, in the Pisa territory highly suited to the production of furniture, transforming its artisan knowledge into a consolidated industrial reality, which was able to renew its production following the trends of style and taste in respect of tradition.

    Over time, the company has refined the manual workmanship with the experience and quality of the used materials. Read more

  9. Grilli pieces of furniture are not simple containing elements, but works of art and furnishing objects suitable for a use in everyday life, being customizable and adaptable to different furnishing needs. The design, the authenticity of the materials, the craftsmanship of the workmanship, the respect of organizational management procedures, the control of toxic emissions and the use of green energy give life to a piece of furniture of excellence.

    This is what the company has built over the time and that has been guaranteeing since 1963. Grilli projects and collections are inspired by the tradition and history of furniture, to create works of art and furnishing objects characterized by maximum functionality and aesthetics.

    Every piece of furniture is born from the careful study of the furniture tradition that made the Made in Italy great in the world. Read more

  10. Company Domus was founded in the 1970s and immediately specialized in the production of high quality cabinets and walk-in closets.

    The solid craftsmanship experience, successfully acquired over the years, is now flanked by an innovative and cutting-edge corporate mentality.

    The creation of finely crafted products inspired by the elegance of tradition makes Domus models unique and exclusive as well as subject to strict quality controls. Read more

  11. The prestige of the selected materials, the accuracy of craftsmanship in every stage of production, the reliability of a company in the furnishing sector for over thirty years are the values by Valderamobili. The company was born in 1976 and today it is the ideal reference for those who look for the quality and elegance of classic furniture.

    The search for excellence linked to the desire to provide products and services that meet the needs of the customers, has allowed Valderamobili to stand out from its competitors, consolidating its positions in the Italian and international market. Read more

  12. Volpi represents a manufacturing reality in the furnishing sector since 1959, grown over time thanks to the family management and to the large group of highly qualified professionals that forms the operational staff of the company.

    The first step towards the finished product is the choice of real, solid wood, a raw material of great vitality that allows the realization of projects of refined design. Read more


Gruppo Gimo brings together 12 of the best Italian furniture company names, offering interior designers a high efficiency and reliability service: professionals can in fact access a portfolio of over 65 collections and over 5,000 furniture components that cover all the rooms of the house. The classic style is a highlight of Gimo proposal, thanks to the presence of the best Italian classic furniture brands. These companies were born from artisan laboratories and, therefore, from the direct mastery of traditional wood processing, such as carving, application in gold leaf, Florentine decoration. Gimo promotes only Italian manufacturing companies distinguished by first-level production, characterized by a great deal of experience in precision manufacturing and by a versatility that leads them to satisfy even a wide choice of styles. Promotion and marketing are the main part of Gruppo Gimo’ activity through the participation to the main furniture fairs, meetings with retailers, targeted missions in particular countries, assistance to designers and end-customers at all levels and a centralized management of all aspects related to export.




Support and service for designer. Gruppo Gimo is at disposals of architects and interior designers to offer them maximum design flexibility, thanks to the possibility of being inspired and drawing on the collections of the best luxury interior design brands.
Thanks to the versatility of selected designer furniture brands, the available catalogues cover the need of furniture in all areas of the house and the presence of highly qualified personnel within each company allows the creation of custom-made furnishings for every type of requirement . Read more