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Italy furniture manufacturers are appreciated worldwide for their unique taste. Italy can boast especially rich tradition for its architecture: a beautiful art built during centuries of historical art, that can be admire in its highly decorated palaces and hundreds of monuments that made the Italian territory a wide location of extreme interest for all art lovers in every different age.

Such a long tradition allowed the birth of classic furniture manufacturing of strong importance. The classic style draw its inspiration from all these long and different experiences. The power of present classic style comes from the artisanal capability that furnished during the centuries the most important European palaces with original furniture realized with gold decoration, inlays and marquetry.

The Italy furniture manufacturers gathered in the Gimo Group are direct descendants of this tradition of excellence. Factories born as small artisanal laboratories thanks to the combined artisanal and entrepreneurial capacities of their owners, transformed during the time to meet the new different updated requirements and tastes. Today the initial laboratories become important italian furniture factory thanks to their long-term vision of single artisan that succeeded in understanding new trends and adapt their products to the request of the discerning international market. Read more