Classic Italian Children’s Bedrooms Furniture

Professional and competent technicians of the Custom-made classic furniture factory can support designers to furnish children's bedrooms.

A valid project of a children’s bedroom must face to many different requirements:

1) versatility: the furnishing must accompany the growth of a child and maintains its own actuality also during the adolescence, when the area destined to plays will be replaced by the wider spaces will be used for studying. For this reason, the classic italian furniture companies of Gimo Group offer a complete and multi-used furniture: cribs that will be replaced with a bed with a upholstered headboard, boxes for paly corner that can turn into areas for studying with desks and bookshelves.

2) space optimization: improvising a slumber party is no longer a problem, thanks to a Custom-made classic furniture factory creation. Our collections allows to project additional hidden beds ready to use in a classical style. In our bridge solutions under the bed you could insert a practical big drawer to have more space to keep in order your daily order. The classic style, in fact, also intervenes in these environments, where the rigor of the lines is interrupted for reasons characterized by machining passages in which the companies of the Group Gimo excel, as the carving or the application of gold leaf.

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